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SAP Business Software

SAP Business Software

Business Management Solutions to Further your Capabilities

Business Intelligence to Enhance your Business Opportunities

With access to real time data, we promise increased productivity & revenue

Silver Touch has a dedicated team for SAP business software solutions, which helps expedite critical business decisions. We offer quality solutions that help improve your productivity. Access real time data any time anywhere with SAP business intelligence tools, and software solutions! We offer a range of SAP business software solutions to improve productivity, and efficiency of your organization.

  • SAP Business One

    Capture, integrate & process data for improved productivity

    Are you looking for a single, integrated solution which will help you manage the different business processes? SAP Business One is your solution which will integrate the different processes such as finance & accounting, logistics, customer relationships etc. and streamline them to help devise timely decisions to enhance capabilities of your business. It helps capture business information, access it and accelerate growth with end-to-end solutions.


    In-memory platform to process & analyze data

    Business analytics helps you process the data available to your organization in detail, and devise strategies efficiently. Storing, collaborating, accessing and sharing the data in real time, and offering relevant insights requires a strong system in place. SAP HANA fulfills your business analytics’ requirements. This in-memory data platform not only analyzes complex and huge volume of data, but also makes available results that help in critical decision making.

  • SAP Cloud Solutions

    Scalable & flexible solutions with lowered cost of ownership

    Setting up and maintaining IT infrastructure to enhance your business capabilities, and offer technological expertise can prove to be time consuming and expensive. With SAP Cloud Solutions, you can lower the cost of infrastructure ownership and maintenance. This also allows you to streamline the different processes, and offer end-to-end functionality. You get scalable and flexible solutions with ease of implementation.

  • SAP Mobility Solutions

    Access real time data while on the go

    Enterprise mobility solutions are the need of the hour. It allows your customers and employees to access information relevant to them at their will. With the SAP Business One mobile app for iOS and Android platforms, you can manage the key processes within the business while on the move. You get accessibility and increased flexibility which helps improve your business productivity and efficiency. Access information real time with mobility solutions!

  • Reporting & Analytics

    Further your business IQ with accurate & real time data

    Accessing real time information is important for every organization. With the right business intelligence tools at your disposal, you can get accurate real time information that can help in critical decision making. Reporting and analytics helps access real time information, create intuitive reports and visualize data that helps in making informed decisions. It helps in quick reporting and getting real time business insights.