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Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

Best-in-class Enterprise and Corporate Mobile App Solutions

Our cutting edge solutions embarked with new technologies make you a game changer in your industry

You have an idea; we execute and develop the mobile app for you! Silver Touch believes that mobile software when beautifully packaged inside an aesthetic interface and brilliant design brings out great ideas. In a world dominated by mobility, mobile apps is the need of the hour for enterprises and corporate to reach out to their customers as well as the target audience. Our team firmly believes in the mobile first approach, and our focus on enhancing the app technology works towards enhancing its performance and scalability. We intend to boost your mobile presence with our innovative solutions.

  • iOS

    Boost your Brand’s Visibility with Quality iOS Apps

    Nothing feels as good as the interface iOS offers! With user friendly interface, and aesthetically designed frontend, iOS gives out an incredible experience. We offer interactive enterprise and corporate app development for iOS platforms.

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  • Android

    Get an Edge with Scalable and Robust Android Apps

    With the number of Android based phones increasing, it is time to shift your focus to this platform. With an intuitive interface, and elegant designs, this platform sure offers developers and end users something to look forward to.

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  • Windows Phone

    Give your Apps the Windows Flavor

    Windows, with its endless opportunities and a great user base proves to be the ideal platform for app development. With Windows 10 app development capabilities have improved considerably. Build interactive apps suited to your design needs and business goals with Windows Phone Apps Development.

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  • Windows Mobile

    Give your Enterprise a Competitive Edge

    Want to reach out to a niche audience? There’s no better platform than Windows for that. An enterprise specific platform, Windows helps create scalable enterprise apps customized to meet your business requirements

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Enterprise and Corporate Mobile App Solutions
Silver Touch holds a passion for creating innovative and robust apps that help you stand out in the competition. We don’t execute without understanding your requirements, and your end goals. We are known for being innovative, and adopting the unconventional path towards developing a mobile app. With a strong backing in terms of technical expertise and business experience, we know how to create an outstanding and functional mobile app, which helps you attain the competitive edge.