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Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise Solutions

Improves Productivity, Efficiency & Profitability

We help develop, manage & support business IT solutions

Our strategies invoke automation, optimization and intelligence to offer increased revenues & reduced costs.

At the heart of technology lies people and process, which together further the business capabilities. Enterprise solutions are the key drivers and enablers of a business in this changing environment. By deploying top notch processes which adhere to standard procedures and methodologies, you can maximize benefits and mitigate the risks for your enterprise. Silver Touch with its expertise and experience customizes the software and technology to meet your business requirements. We convert available opportunities to help your business get an advantage over competition. We understand the industry specific requirements, and offer solutions accordingly.

  • SAP

    Accelerate critical business decisions with innovative SAP solutions

    Cut throat competition and the need for a differentiated strategy has made company look out for business analytics’ strategies that will offer them an edge. With SAP solutions, your company will gain access to predictive analytics, and business intelligence, to further its capabilities.

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  • SharePoint

    Flexible platform to step up enterprise application development

    A secure web based platform that improves efficiency and productivity of your organization. With sharepoint development solutions, you can store, share, organize, collaborate & access information in real time from anywhere any time using a device of your choice.

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  • Bespoke Software

    High quality tailor made solutions for your business requirements

    Need software solutions that can help meet your business objectives? Bespoke software offers tailor made solutions that help simplify the business operations, and accelerate the work. With bespoke, you can improve the productivity and capabilities of your workforce

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  • Enterprise Mobility

    Interactivity & User friendly designs to further business capabilities

    Enterprise mobility helps improve interactivity and engagement within and outside the organization. It offers increased accessibility and flexibility to your customers and employees. With improved visibility and increased control, your productivity increases.

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