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Ecommerce Solutions Development

Ecommerce Solutions Development

Unique & Experiential Stores with Compelling Interface

Unique & Innovative Ecommerce Solutions

We believe in offering unmatched customer satisfaction

There’s nothing more gratifying than “shop from home” experience offered by ecommerce websites! Growth and productivity of your ecommerce business depends on compelling and user friendly websites. Silver Touch offers highly functional ecommerce websites to pull in higher traffic and improve conversions for the business. Our team has experience of working on different platforms to deliver unique and unmatched experience. Our highly scalable and robust websites offer enhanced performance, which helps build conversions. We define the ecommerce roadmap based on your business objectives and your ecommerce requirements.

  • Magento

    Powerful, highly functional & flexible multi-stores

    Magento is a popular platform for developing e-commerce solutions. It boasts of large number of features such as flexible pricing tiers and advanced tax handling capabilities. With its enterprise, customization and multi-store handling capabilities, this is indeed the platform to choose. Our developers have both experience and expertise of developing fully functional and flexible stores with unmatched user experience withthis platform.

  • Prestashop

    Functional, flexible and scalable websites

    Prestashop offers the competitive advantage of Web 2.0 packaged with the features of AJAX, and delivers a functional and flexible ecommerce solutions designed to suit your business requirements. Our developers, with their unique and innovative ideas, develop next-gen stores and solutions customized to meet your business objectives. We offer to improve your conversion rates and ROI with our competitive solutions

  • Shopify

    Easy to design and scalable ecommerce solutions

    Need a one stop shop solution to build clean, simple and easy to use ecommerce solutions? Don’t look farther than Shopify. It offers a complete shopping solution which is not only easy to use but also pretty affordable. Our developers offer endless design possibilities and have complete understanding of the different features and tools. Increase sales with our unique Shopify solutions!

  • BigCommerce

    Improve Visibility and Sales with Optimized Websites

    Grow your business productively online with the incredible and highly dependable tools offered by BigCommerce. We develop elegant and highly engaging ecommerce websites to boost your brand, and offer increased visibility. Our focused solutions and targeted marketing strategies help explore new markets and opportunities to improve profitability.

Silver Touch has always explored the unexplored avenues to deliver priceless ecommerce solutions to meet your business goals. We have endeavored to deliver good user experience which translates into customer satisfaction. Our dedicated team has experience of working on the different platforms, and with their expertise they help create innovative and unique solutions.

Ecommerce Solutions